About us

Members of the College Bar of the City of Moscow “Starinskiy, Korchago & PARTNERS” provide legal assistance in accordance with the Federal Law № 63-FZ dated 31.05.2002 “On Advocacy and the Legal Profession in the Russian Federation”, as well as the Code of Professional Ethics lawyer. It provides a high level of services and guarantees the confidentiality of any information related to the provision of legal aid, including the fact of appeal to the Board of the principal.

Our lawyers provide qualified legal assistance in various areas of both domestic and foreign clients, including individuals and legal entities. The competence of the members of the college consists of providing protection during criminal proceedings and proceedings in cases of administrative violations, representation of the rights and interests of the principals in the Russian and foreign courts on economic and other disputes.

The Bar “Starinskiy, Korchago & PARTNERS” is located in Moscow, but our work is not limited to the capital region. We represent our clients in Russia and abroad, as well as provide legal support to foreign partners. Currently, our board of customers are leading companies in the metallurgical, oil and gas, automotive, construction, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Each member of our board is an independent practice and has in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in specific areas of law. At the same time to achieve high professional results attorneys work as a team, which is a guarantee of an integrated approach to solving the problem. Principals and defendants can always count on the fact that the representatives of the board will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the situation, to identify all the possible ways to solve your problem. Through attention to detail and individual approach of our attorneys to address every question posed board services differ consistently high quality.

We are pleased to offer our assistance to principals in the implementation of projects in the field of corporate law, restructuring and insolvency, real estate transactions, criminal defense and other areas of law enforcement.

The Bar Association as experts regularly commented in the media topical problems of our society, from a legal point of view.
The purpose of the Bar of the city of Moscow “Starinskiy, Korchago & PARTNERS” is to provide the highest level of legal services, meeting international standards of jurisprudence.