1. Issues of preparation of constituent documents and management of educational organization:

– Representation of the organization in government at registration and registration of constituent documents;

– Development of local normative legal acts of the educational institution;

– Advising on reorganization or liquidation of the organization.

2. The issues of labor relations:

– Advising and training local acts educational organization (staffing, staffing arrangement of the educational organization, work rules, the provisions on remuneration and incentives for employees of educational organizations, functional employees, annual additional agreements to the labor contracts, etc.);

– Advising on labor contracts;

– Advice on disciplinary and material responsibility of employees;

– Consultation and consideration of labor disputes between the educational organization and the employee.

3. Questions extrabudgetary activities of educational institutions:

– Questions of legal registration of paid services;

– Registration of legal questions on charitable activities;

– The issue of registration of legal relations on the donation.

4. Representation of the educational organization in the courts of general jurisdiction and arbitration courts.