According to the Constitution, the right to housing is guaranteed to every citizen of the country. Despite the fact that the legislation protects citizens’ rights to housing, it also provides for measures to deprivation and restriction of property rights.
It should benefit from the support of the state and to use all their rights granted by authorities of the country.
Experienced consultants will help you to save time and perform all necessary operations on registration of rights to housing, training and the collection of papers, appeal against the disputed decisions and actions of individuals and organizations with respect to the property.
Many are trying to resolve conflicts on their own and resort to professional help when hope of success does not remain. In such cases, lawyers are very difficult to guarantee the successful outcome of the trial.
Timely treatment specialists ensures protection against malicious activities and allows you to correctly respond to the violations carried out in relation to you and your living space.

The Bar Association of Lawyers “Starinskiy, pots and Partners” provides the following services:

Granting of oral consultations;
Granting of written consultations;
preparation of legal opinions on issues related to real estate;
support of real estate transactions, with the participation of a lawyer;
aid in the formulation and preparation of the necessary documents;
familiarization with the documents, preparation and submission of a claim to the court;
lawyer participate directly in the hearing;
if necessary – participate in the appeals court decision, which has not entered into force;
a lawyer involved in the execution of court decisions in the service of bailiffs.