When you join the legacy raises a lot of questions, and they all relate to many different aspects of this problem.
You have received an inheritance? You do not agree with a share of his inheritance? Your share of the dispute dishonest relatives?
In this case, need the support of a competent lawyer in inheritance disputes, which has extensive experience in conducting similar divide
Inheritance disputes – is one of the most difficult types of litigation, the consideration of which should always take into account the many subtleties – the circumstances of the recognition of the will invalid to restore the conditions of the period for acceptance of the inheritance.
As a rule, people do not seek to resolve such issues in a peaceful way and almost immediately go to trial.
Coming into an inheritance entails the need for careful preparation of a large amount of securities which will be able to carry out without problems and errors only qualified, savvy in such matters.
Understand all the possible nuances that arise when razbirtelstve disputes between potential heirs to be able to just professional. Drawing on his extensive experience, he is able to correctly assess the prospects of the case and resolve the conflict situation in favor of his client, using all possible clues in the law.

Individual solutions
As practice shows, the cases related to inheritance, is not seen the same type and therefore require individual approach in providing legal support to the client. It is not always the situation with the disputed property is a potential successors such, it is, in effect counteracting other stakeholders.
Our lawyers will help protect your interests, resolve misunderstandings, answer questions about the timing of receipt of the heirs and transferred to the deceased, to take immediate action to trace the inheritance, carry out its registration procedure.

Our experts will be happy to render you following services:

representing clients on the acceptance of the inheritance by a notary;
legal support coming into an inheritance;
collection of documents for entry into inheritance;
recovery period for acceptance of the inheritance;
the finding of acceptance of the inheritance;
definition of interest in the hereditary property;
recognition of the right of inheritance by law or by will.