Why do I need a lawyer at the divorce proceedings?
The support of a lawyer is absolutely necessary in the case when in the courtroom facing the interests of the former spouses, which can not be settled peacefully.
The specialist will explain all the issues related to the analysis of divorce procedures, the details will determine the further strategy of action will provide support for all stages of the process of dissolution of the marital bonds, will help to achieve the result that you expect at the end of the litigation.
Imagine that you can not resolve the dispute over the division of property that the other party refuses to divorce or not possible to agree on the further education of the common children. Such situations are always associated with outbreaks of highly emotional and stress that interferes calmly assess the problem. Having in possession of a professional advisor on the issues, you will be able to avoid many of the barriers that may face, determined to break the bonds of marriage.

The lawyer is not just advice on emerging issues and explains your rights. A person skilled in the field of law helps to collect all the necessary documents, examine all the parties submitted case and will be able to use any clues to defend the client’s interests in court.

The complex of the operations at the customer service:

legal advice before the divorce, which will help to find out all the details and determine the future strategy for action;
collection of data and preparation of documents required by the court;
determination of jurisdiction of the claim and the appropriate court;
Optional: drafting an agreement on the division of property and child support;
the study of the court to accept the case for production.
notice of the defendant;
Preparation for the preliminary hearing.