In the event of disputes between athletes and various sports organizations, experts faced with the fact that this area is not governed by a single set of laws, and became the subject of the proceedings questions may be related to completely different areas of law.
Sports lawyer should have extensive practice for the successful solution of disputes in this field. The differences between the parties may be associated with non-performance of its obligations, with complex labor relations, etc. For this reason, the expert should not only well versed in politics working in the field of sports structures, but also to have sufficient knowledge in the field of labor, administrative and civil law.

Our experts possess the capability and are willing to defend your rights in any conflict situations.

We are ready to protect your interests at all stages of the proceedings with a massive coverage of various issues.

Work sports lawyer or a lawyer in the field of sports law, mainly related to the provision of the following services:

legal support procedures associated with the transition (transfer) of the Athlete;
issues arising between the subjects of sport federations, clubs and other athletic organizations;
drawing, as well as assistance in preparing coaches, agents, contracts of employment clubs, athletes, coaches, agents;
assistance in the drafting of sponsorship and advertising contracts;
as the protection of the subjects of sports in the court and issues by signing the settlement agreement;
decision personal, domestic and financial problems arising from the subject of sports.
Our lawyers and attorneys provide comprehensive legal support in the field of sports law, provide the necessary guidance for the implementation of the most effective actions to solve the problem and protect the client’s interests in court.