When hiring a professional lawyer to seek to acquire any company in the person of lawyer reliable insurance against problems related to labor disputes. Settlement of the interests of both parties to benefit both the company and employees, dissatisfied actions of the employer.
Recruitment – the standard process, practiced in any company that operates in the market. Proper regulation of the legal relationship of the employer and the employee – is the main guarantee of the absence of problems in future labor relations.
However, the interaction of the employer and the employee there is a large number of issues relating to design cooperation, dismissal, redundancy, disciplinary action, and so on. D. Such actions must be made in full compliance with applicable laws, to the employees not to complain.
But the legal side of this issue is often neglected, resulting in disputes escalate into open conflict, which infringed the rights of the employee or violate the interests of the organization.
Typically, in such cases it is difficult to take into account all the nuances in self-resolving the problem. As a result of these cases, most often resolve through the courts, as the number of claims against each other does not resolve in a peaceful way.
Legal support for the organization or the protection of the interests of employees of the company is fully in the competence of our experts, who will make every effort to protect your interests.

An experienced practitioner will answer any questions you may have in the field of labor law, will perform an examination of the concluded contract. Clients also consult in detail on dismissal and getting the work book.
Turning to us, you will receive a range of services that guarantees a calm-established work in a team!


advising on labor legislation;
preparation of legal opinions on labor law;
support during the verification of compliance with labor and immigration laws;
assistance in making a complaint on the results of testing to a higher body (higher official) complaints, the statement of claim to the court (court of arbitration);
protection of interests of the employer in its relations with regulatory authorities;
pre-trial settlement of labor disputes, including those relating to the dismissal of an employee with compensation for damage caused through the fault of the employee to the employer, etc .;
legal representation in all types of labor disputes;
development and preparation of any of the personnel documentation;
HR audit.