Debt – in most cases complex and time-consuming process. However, specialists are well aware that the timely action taken can solve these problems in a very short period of time.
Cases of this kind are difficult to frequent failure by the debtor. The latter, as a rule, avoid your lender not being able to repay the debt.
The most correct decision in such situations – to employ a debt collection professionals who have enough experience to solve the problem.
Actions lawyer to help reduce any debt or make repayment in full. The desired result is achieved more quickly when working on debt collection is carried out by representatives of the creditor, having all of the necessary knowledge and skills.
In case of execution of debt evades organization, lawyers of our company are ready to protect the interests of citizens and legal persons to use their privileged position for non-repayment of debts.
The specialist will conduct all the necessary preparatory work and will speak on behalf of his client, and will achieve a positive result in the courts.
Professional actions will help resolve disputes with the return of debts.

Maintain a civil case to recover the debt under the loan agreements and debentures includes:

preparation and filing of a statement of claim on the personal reception of the judge;
participation in pre-trial proceedings;
participate directly in the hearing;
if necessary – participate in the cassation court decision;
obtaining a writ of execution and the court decision on his hands;
a lawyer involved in the execution of court decisions in the service of bailiffs;
appeal by way of supervision of the court decision, which entered into force.