There are many different ways to assert their rights, protecting personal honor and dignity, but they are successfully implemented only if you act based on the advice of an experienced lawyer.
Each person seeks to protect his reputation, whether it is a public person, the authority in the professional community and the ordinary man in the street, does not claim to be recognized by others. Responsibility for actions aimed at blackening the reputation, provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation, because when a dispute is necessary for the protection of their rights to use a particular sequence of actions.
Spreading false, defamatory information just by using the media. If possible to resolve the situation through negotiations is not necessary to file a complaint in court and is not expensive to get its reputation mass media to publish a refutation.
Often, however, the situation is quite ambiguous and are interpreted by the courts a little differently, which is why to achieve their own desired result is almost impossible. Moreover, according to the law, liability arises only if all the necessary conditions have been met. Post a claim is possible only if the information has spread, contained information discrediting citizens, and does not correspond to the actual circumstances. Only in such a situation, you can take action to protect the honor and dignity of the person slandered.
Damage to reputation may negatively affect the activity of the victim.

Our lawyers are ready to help you to defend his good name, to collect and analyze the evidence base and properly present it in court.