A citizen who owns a property is to advance thinking about her legal protection and to issue the documents necessary for the preservation of its heritage.
In the life of the owners of valuable property often there are situations that give rise to the need to defend the right to property. In this case, sober-minded person is better to turn to an experienced attorney or a lawyer who will take all possible measures to protect the interests of the client, competent to assess the situation and calculates the correct strategy for further action.
counsel in matters of this kind may be decisive in restoring the rights to own property. After all, citizens are often faced with the illegal actions of organizations or other third parties, professionally specialized in the seizure of property from the rightful owners with the help of knowledge regarding the loopholes and gaps in the law.
Consulting an experienced professional at the early stages of the case analysis will help to understand the prospects for the outcome of the process, and professional services at all stages of the settlement of the dispute would help avoid the negative effects or reduced to “no” to the effect of the actions of malefactors.

Lawyers Collegium “Starinskiy, Korchago and partners” are ready to provide you the following services:

Granting of oral consultations;
Granting of written consultations;
preparation of legal opinions on issues related to real estate;
Support of transactions with real estate, with the participation of a lawyer;
aid in the formulation and preparation of the necessary documents;
familiarization with the documents, preparation and submission of a claim to the court;
lawyer participate directly in the hearing;
if necessary – participate in the appeals court decision, which has not entered into force;
a lawyer involved in the execution of court decisions in the service of bailiffs.