Protection of the ECHR is only possible when all sorts of ways uregulrovaniya conflict have already been used and can only appeal against the decisions in Russia, directly responsible for the adoption of which carries state authority.
It should be noted that the popularity of the resort among Russian citizens are now quite grown, as in connection with a number of sign processes and determine the results of their convictions objectivity of Russian ships has been called into question.
Legal support of your claim from our specialists using the protection of last resort can be a substantial support, which significantly affect the outcome of the case. However, it should be understood that in this legal authority can be appealed rights and fundamental freedoms.

Why do we need the support of professionals in the handling of the ECHR?

Other office supply in the ECHR is strictly regulated and must be performed in accordance with established procedure. It is also necessary to remember that only the original complaint and complete a complaint may be filed in Russian, all subsequent actions will be provided in English or French.
In order to achieve the desired result, it is better to seek help from a competent lawyer of our company. It will help you to issue a reasoned complaint with all the facts indicated to minimize deadlines and achieve the maximum possible acceleration of the process. The latter is very important, as the review may take several years.

Lawyer thoroughly known to the whole process of dealing with complaints, because an appeal to it will be absolutely the right decision, which significantly increase your chances of a successful trial.