In today’s world, the fight against economic crime is one of the first tasks of the state. However, at the moment only the existence of a competent and professional lawyer can help protect the company’s interests in the case of attempts to scam on her property.

Crimes of this kind are aimed at damaging economic and business interests of companies and citizens and can lead to quite serious consequences.

Citizens have become a victim of fraud, make a big mistake when they try to defend their rights in court. In 90% of case, such actions only exacerbate the situation, with the result that the amount of damage only increases. To protect their interests, we strongly recommend you consult a professional lawyer who will help you deal with the situation and get out of the situation with minimal losses for themselves or their business. In due time to see a specialist, you will be able to defend its interests, to give a full rebuff offenders, encroached on your property or rights.

You need to take urgent measures against fraud? Then it is necessary to use the services of lawyers is our board.

The company’s employees are highly qualified and have extensive experience in enforcement, as evidenced by a large number of won lawsuits and efficient solutions found in the defense of clients’ interests at the pre-trial and trial stages.

With the various players in the Russian and foreign markets we have built a relationship of trust, which can achieve the highest results in the provision of comprehensive legal support to the client.

To be confident in the future, it is better to trust a long time to prove their professionalism members of our board!
Professional lawyer for economic crimes should not only well-versed in the different types of law (corporate, customs tax, and so on. D.). He must navigate the great economic realities of the modern world, have knowledge in accounting, arbitration practice, to be aware of the unspoken rules of behavior of the Russian business community, have a wide network of connections in official circles. For it can not be a problem to deal with such cases, such as financial fraud.

A professional lawyer on tax crimes – a competent lawyer, perfectly versed in the provisions of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation and the intricacies of the competent authorities. However, the practice of the professional must be based not only on knowledge of certain rules in a particular area. Expert component of his activities and is based on an understanding of current economic trends, and on a clear representation of the Russian legislation in the various fields of law, and knowledge concerning the various financial functions of the organization – obtaining credit, budgeting, registration of licenses, various export operations.

Tax Crimes Lawyer will provide quality protection from fraud!

specialist services for economic crimes will be useful during the audit controlling state bodies. Turning to the services of members of our board, you can count on a comprehensive legal assistance from a team of professionals who are ready to provide competent support in addressing issues in various areas of law.

You have been charged with fraud?

An experienced lawyer will be able to easily understand the situation and gather the necessary evidence base for the favorable outcome of a trial. However, the situation may be different if the accusations put forward the public authorities, to prove his innocence is very difficult – especially when attempts are made to act independently. Thus, the victim of false accusations rather complicates the situation.

Most chances of success for those companies, which management promptly requested the assistance of a lawyer, and thereby minimize the risk of the emergence of new obstacles in independent attempts to solve the problem.

Very often, allegations of fraud are only a screen behind which competitors attempt to intimidate the owners of the company with higher rates, select a business, to blacken the reputation, cause financial damage to the company.

Our lawyers provide threat prevention and elimination of consequences of the actions of swindlers, with us you can not worry about the fate of the business.

How is the cooperation?

The first stage of cooperation includes obtaining advice from a specialist, who, revealing all the details of the case, determine legal risks, perspectives and model for further action. When you call a lawyer you will get an explanation for all the nuances of further appeals to the courts or law enforcement agencies, as well as comments regarding your rights.

Next steps for the protection of rights in the court will be implemented in the event of your decision on the availability of such a need.

The Bar Association will set aside your interests in full, before the result, fully satisfying customer needs. You can not waste your time on the presence at the trial, enough to issue a notarized power of attorney to a lawyer. However, if necessary, your presence defender can prevent all the negative consequences or actions on the part of the accuser, will deter attempts to violate the law, and so on. N.

We will take your business and build a competent line of defense, which will fully comply with the current on the situation.

We do not implement a standard approach to all clients, each case is different.

Our priorities in determining the line of defense:

full justification of the principal;
complete cessation of the criminal proceedings against the client;
minimizing the resulting penalty in the case of recognition of the presence of corpus delicti in the actions of the accused.