At the management and regulation of companies, disputes may arise between business partners. As a rule, these conflicts have a negative impact on future firm performance.

Disagreements of this kind often divided into episodes, related to the installation of the legal entity, and in the situations that arise in the case where the company’s shareholders are engaged in forcing the sale of shares. Also, quite often corporate disputes arise due to incorrect distribution of dividends.

To avoid reducing the efficiency of the company’s activities, it is necessary as expeditiously as possible to resolve conflicts between the partners within the framework of Russian legislation.

Shareholders need to pay interest, and the company must return the illegally derived assets, in other words, corporate disputes should be directed to the protection of property security for all participants.

It is necessary to allow corporate dispute in the company? Our lawyers will take responsibility for the result itself.


challenging the illegal transactions (such as those that have been deliberately aimed at the deterioration of the financial condition of the company);
judicial review of decisions of the company’s governing bodies;
recovery of damage caused to the holders of shares;
inheritance and bequest of shares in the authorized capital stock;
Questions on payments of dividends;
other corporate disputes between members of the company – services will be provided in full at the highest level;
It will be drawn up a statement of claim to corporate disputes.