Why do I need a tax professional?

The taxation system is undergoing constant changes on the part of public authorities. Owning a business is not always possible to easily understand the intricacies of the amendments made to the law, which entails committing a series of violations. Approved without malice errors are easily detected during checks carried out by the tax authorities.

As a result, there are many cases where the help of a professional tax lawyer is simply necessary when expressing disagreement with the decisions of the representatives of the tax authorities (and in any other situations of conflict with fiscal authorities).

In our Bar Association high-level specialists are ready to accompany any disputes under the tax laws, minimizing the costs and consequences of their own decisions taken in relation to tax disputes without expert advice, thorough knowledge of all the nuances of this type of legislation.

Tax lawyer – a reliable adviser to lobby your interests in disputes with tax authorities!

Optimization of taxation

Stabilization of the enterprise taxation – it is an effective measure to prevent the occurrence of significant losses in the course of economic activity. But many executives are not even aware of the possibility that the system will work with the tax authorities in their company is built with serious errors, which lead to tangible financial losses and negative legal consequences for the article on tax evasion.

Our experts are ready to ensure the stability of the tax system in your company and reduce unnecessary spending, including on specific transactions.

The knowledge of all the nuances in the tax law allows tax lawyers of our company use all opportunities to optimize tax payments and get your receipt by the full amount of benefits that contribute to improving the company’s financial stability.

No need to pay more than what is allowed by law!

Complex legal support

Complex instruments that use our tax experts, developed based on the individual interests of the customer.

Lawyers tax disputes can in the shortest possible time and with maximum efficiency resolve the misunderstanding between the taxpayer and the tax authorities by providing the following services:

challenging the court decision to bring the organization to the tax liability;
challenging the inactivity of the tax authorities, expressed in deviation from the return of overpaid taxes;
challenging the recovery of amounts of tax penalties.
In addition, all categories of cases are possible:

Preparation and application of petitions for restoration of rights, the taking of evidence, research and
admission of new evidence, the case;
of the request for disqualification of a judge, assistant judge, court clerk;
filing complaints to the Qualification Board of Judges;
obtaining copies of judicial decisions, writs, orders bailiffs;
submission to the court for the imposition of administrative fines: in the absence of the representative of the tax authority for failure to evidence claimed by the court for failure to perform court’s decision;
supply bailiff statements relating to enforcement proceedings: to postpone enforcement actions, the imposition of fines for failure to fulfill the court’s decision.