Real estate transactions

Real estate transactions are carried out in a strictly regulated procedure, which implies the need to visit the set of instances and collect a large number of different sample documents. Businessman, not so often faced with the independent performance of procedures prescribed by law as part of this process, will meet on your way a lot of obstacles. On the elimination of administrative barriers, he will spend much more time and money than if it would be from the start accompanied by qualified professionals.

Registration of ownership rights

Our experts will provide you with a full range of services related to the registration of immovable property, registration of contracts, as well as clarify any issues related to this field of activity.

The lawyer, on request, can perform an examination of documents to eliminate the “pitfalls” in the registration of property rights, ensure the maintenance contracts of the transaction.

Knowing all the nuances of the legislative framework governing the transactions of real estate, an expert will be able to provide tangible support in the negotiations relating to the property.

Having a reliable advisor in these matters, you will be able to safely observe the implementation of your interests, with full confidence that the result will not disappoint you.

Working with us, you save time and money!

An organization that wants to hold a particular real estate deal, almost guaranteed faced with time-consuming process involving the collection of a large package of documents, visiting the set of instances, as well as the risks to spend a significant amount of time trying to overcome the consequences of fraud with the property and sudden price spikes.

To avoid such problems, it will be enough to contact our colleagues who will help to quickly and accurately perform all legal actions against your property.

The Bar “Starinskiy, Korchago and partners” offers the following services in support of real estate transactions:

Granting of oral consultations;
Granting of written consultations;
preparation of legal opinions on issues related to real estate;
comprehensive support of real estate transactions, with the participation of a lawyer;
aid in the formulation and preparation of the necessary documents;
familiarization with the documents, preparation and submission of a claim to the court;
lawyer participate directly in the hearing;
if necessary – participate in the appeals court decision, which has not entered into force;
a lawyer involved in the execution of court decisions in the service of bailiffs.