Do not allow illegal actions in the seizure of documentation

During the detection of any violations committed by law enforcement agencies often organize checks. The presence of a specialist in the office of the company at the time of such action would greatly facilitate the task of precise control over the conduct of such procedures, contributing to the prevention of unlawful acts against verifiable.

In order to successfully pass the test of public authorities, it is better to invite an experienced lawyer or attorney that will help prevent the illegal seizure of documents, retaining employees in the office or for other illegal acts. The specialist will respond to any unauthorized intervention by the police and put to rest any measures of influence applied to the company’s employees.

Minimizing damage

Basically, the purpose of recourse to an experienced lawyer for help in such matters is the desire to minimize the cost of carrying out checks and protect the interests of the owner of the company.

Highly qualified lawyer to work out all the possible risks, will help prepare the necessary documents and to create an effective model of behavior of employees and management staff in the interaction of state bodies.

To prevent the suspension of the company’s activities

Our experts know of many cases where employees OEB and the PC allowed themselves to illegal activities, violating with impunity the rights of the organization and its employees, making illegal seizure of documents, resulting in the company’s activity is suspended artificially. Such a situation is very negative impact on the financial component of the company, at the same time resulting in a loss of reputation.

In such situations, the presence of a specialist is necessary for the successful completion of the procedure. The expert will provide timely support and will not allow the representatives of public authorities to commit illegal actions, which ultimately helps to prevent the suspension of the company’s activities.

The company will be able to avoid additional stress if its management and staff are well aware of their rights and powers of the inspection bodies. If the verification process has gone too far and has led to uncontrollable consequences that threaten the company’s existence, it is not necessary to delay the appeal to professionals qualified assistance.

The Bar “Starinskiy, Korchago and Partners” provides the following services in emergency situations:

consulting by phone of good conduct to counsel arrival;
check in your organization when a sudden check;
an explanation of your rights and responsibilities as well as rights and duties of law enforcement officials (oral / written);
analysis of the situation, documents and requests received from inspection bodies;
the development of specific guidelines and rules of conduct during the audit for management and staff;
conducting outreach directly to your office;
private participation in the initial inspection and seizure of documents in your organization;
responding to requests of inspection bodies, as well as an appeal admitted their violations;
representation of your interests in the call to law enforcement authorities;
to develop a set of measures to protect your company and your rights with regard to the internal working procedures of inspection bodies and the aspects that significantly affect the progress and results of their work;
collection of information, including clarification of the reasons and purposes of the audit inspection bodies;
resolution of conflict with the law enforcement authorities;
representation of your interests during the preliminary investigation and in court in the case of a criminal investigation.