Every businessman should understand that only the active struggle for their rights will minimize the illegal interference of outsiders in the affairs of his company.

The concept of “intellectual property” is strictly regulated in Article 138 of the Civil Code.

In accordance with applicable law, this term means “exclusive right … to a citizen or legal person to the results of intellectual activity and equated means of individualization of a legal entity, an individualization of products, works or services (trade name, trademark, service mark, and so on. P.)”.

Owners of intellectual property can serve both legal and physical persons.

The best protection of exclusive rights with professionals!

As part of today’s business relationships are cases when a business owner or other intellectual property creator is necessary to defend their rights in court. Protection is carried out by suppression of acts infringing the right to results of intellectual activity, or threatening to non-compliance, as well as the reimbursement of losses.

In the event of such disputes you will surely need the help of professionals who are easily oriented in all the processes related to this area of law. Lawyers not only protect your interests in court, but also help to correctly register exclusive rights to existing intellectual property.

Our experts will provide customers a full range of services, solve all arising disputes concerning the rights to the trademark, the product of the invention and other types of intellectual property.