land code

In the event of conflict with the public authorities must be remembered that the basic principle of land law is its permanence. In other words, none of the subjects can not be deprived of their right to land. The law establishes a strictly regulated procedure of property rights in areas controlled prescribed rules limiting their use and removal of property.

The Bar Association will help implement a successful outcome of disputes with public authorities, to contest the decisions, to correct errors in confirming the ownership of land documents, as well as prevent any illegal transactions made with this property.
If necessary, experts will solve any problem situations related to confirmation of the fact of the use or ownership of land, on a partition or change the site search.

Resolution of Land Disputes

Current legislation gives preference to resolve disputes of this kind by the court. Most often, in the framework of a conflict situation the owner is faced with the need to prove their case to another, no less convinced of the validity of their claims the owner of the land. And this entails the need to use the services of competent professionals. The timely intervention of a professional to evaluate the situation from the outside, it often helps to resolve such disputes without serious consequences for both sides.

Land legal relations are regulated by separate legislative acts, the violation of which provides advance civil, administrative and criminal liability. For effective and quick solution to the conflicts that have arisen around the land, our board offers the following services:

Granting of oral consultations lawyer;
Granting of written consultations;
consultation and resolution of land disputes;
preparation of legal opinions on issues related to real estate;
Land lawyer;
Land lawyer;
Support of transactions with real estate, with the participation of a lawyer;
disputes over land seizure;
aid in the formulation and preparation of the necessary documents;
familiarization with the documents, preparation and submission of a claim to the court;
lawyer participate directly in the hearing;
if necessary – participate in the appeals court decision, which has not entered into force;
a lawyer involved in the execution of court decisions in the service of bailiffs.